At Redefine This Life, we are learning how to write our story through the eyes of faith, hope, and love. We are giving ourselves permission to be real women who share authentic stories about the joys and heartaches of our lives. We are being truthful, vulnerable, and open to a new way of thinking about ourselves.


Our Purpose

At Redefine This Life, we want to restore proper honor to the process of grieving and help people move forward from loss and disappointment in a genuine and healthy way. We want to help you through the hard times and show you how to see your story through the eyes of Love -- because we believe that Love is the bigger story in which we live.

How we began

Redefine this life was born out of Becky Davidson’s powerful testimony of loss, grief, and the redefining of her story. Out of these traumatic circumstances, Becky learned that what truly mattered is the story she chose to believe about her life, the way she interprets what is happening and the narrative she wove about her circumstances. Redefine this life is the overflow of Becky’s desire to help women write their stories through the eyes of faith, hope, and love.

Resources we offer

On our website, you can discover encouraging blog posts, videos, podcasts, merchandise, and downloadable resources to help you redefine your life, no matter where you are at in your journey.


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