Every opportunity to speak or share is an adventure for me. I am looking for a secret passage to the heart of the listener. It is an honor to share what I have learned from my challenges, and it is a joy to connect with others who might benefit. In truth, I feel that I was born for this.
— Becky Davidson

Speaking Topics

Becky is available to speak on a number of different topics from special needs parenting to redefining life after loss. She is a dynamic speaker with a lifetime of experience which she skillfully puts to use to help others. Her inspiring story translates to a broad section of people who need hope and encouragement. She has been speaking and presenting publicly for over a decade and it is one of her favorite things to do.  There are numerous topics Becky enjoys speaking about. To the right are some speaking examples from past events, but her speaking range is broad. Please feel free to inquire about topics that meet the needs of your group. Becky is also willing to facilitate groups, lead conferences, promote issues she feels passionately about, and encourage ministry leaders.

Example Speaking Topics:

  • “Good Grief” - Successfully navigating seasons of grief

  • “Redefining Life after Loss” - Learning how to redefine your circumstances

  • “Brave” - Living courageously in difficult times.

  • “Love Well” - Living with intentional love.

  • “You Got This” Encouragement for special needs parents.

  • “My Story” - Becky Davidson’s story of finding redemption in loss, trauma, and unexpected circumstances.



Redefine This Life Becky Davidson Motivational Speaker
Becky Davidson Redefine this life
Becky Davidson is authentic and relatable. Her life has been filled with ups and downs, yet still, she laughs...even through tear-filled eyes...she laughs. She is kind, hilarious, giving to a fault, and truly cares deeply about women and mothers. As a widow and mother to a special needs child, she has walked her journey with the most raw and beautiful grace I’ve ever witnessed.
— Kandra Benton
Becky is an inspiration to all of those around her. She has taken so many life storms and turned them into God’s handiwork. Becky is a bright and rare gem in the world.
— Heidi Clopton
Becky has lived a remarkable life as a wife and mother. She has deep wisdom from facing challenges and valuable gifts to be shared with others.
— Phyllis Sullivan

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